A Client Base That Keeps Growing Exponentially

Every company has the responsibility of making sure that its employees are protected from harm at all times while at work. The most definite way of making sure that this is achieved is by having the right equipment for employees to handle whichever jobs they are assigned. Failure to do so can result in the endangerment of employee’s lives and collision with law enforcement agencies. With an experience spanning more than 40 years, our ability to deliver when it comes to the manufacture and installation of safety equipment has never be in doubt. Goldline International Inc. deals with the manufacture and installation of petrochemical handling equipment. Our expertise in this field is what has won us thousands of admirers; with a client base that keeps growing exponentially. Visit goldline international to see why we have managed to remain market leaders for such a long time.

Our equipment remain the equipment of choice not just because of their durability, but also because of the efficiency with which they work. We have a committed team of professional whose dedication to work has revolutionized the equipment manufacturing sector. A significant number of them have been with us for several years running into decades and their passion for the job can be seen in the final outcome of their work. Our equipment are designed and manufactured in adherence to the set regulations as stated under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. In addition, all our equipment are tested rigorously before being released into the market.

We have invested in 3 main areas in order to give you the very best outcome in equipment manufacture. These include a highly qualified and innovative workforce, a state-of-the art manufacturing plant and the best technology in equipment manufacture. In addition, we only use the very best raw materials in order to give you equipment that can serve you for several years without having to replace them. The equipment include gallows, pipe bridges, safety cages, mobile racks, loading racks and safe walks.

Equipment can be viewed online and orders can be placed within minutes through our website. The beauty of working with us is that each supply comes with a year’s warranty. You can therefore do business with a peace of mind knowing that we’ve got your back. Our team is also one that you can be sure will supply you with equipment within the shortest time possible; making your downtime as minimal as possible.